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Christian dishonesty gone wild: Dr. Lawrence Krauss comments on “Dr.” William Lane Craig’s disingenuous self-congratulation in the wake of their debate

April 9, 2011

In a effort to counter some of the ridiculous (and sadly typical) self-congratulatory circle-jerking that Craig and his followers engaged in after his disastrous failure to counter, let alone understand, Dr. Krauss’s arguments, I’m going to post Dr. Krauss’s post-debate synopsis.  It’s very telling that christians are forced to lie in order to perpetuate the false sense of superiority they desperately seem to require in order to continue believing in their ridiculous myths.  Luckily, Dr. Krauss is here to set the record straight:

Dealing with William Lane Craig – Lawrence Krauss – –

Christian apologists are shameless little creatures…


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