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The Evidence 4 Faith Podcast: A Symphony of Cognitave Dissonance

April 10, 2011

As the evidence for a purely naturalistic universe accumulates exponentially, religionists are becoming increasingly desperate to rationalize their outdated mythologies, especially the ones who publicly flog their ignorance on the radio and via podcasts.

As a laboratory scientist, I am quite familiar with the incredible difficulty of honestly arriving at underlying truth in the naturalistic world.  Therefore, I am shocked and amazed when confronted with the ridiculous mental contortions that modern religious apologist must endure in order to shoehorn their obviously baseless claims into anything even remotely resembling a cogent argument.

One of the most disingenuously flexible and blatantly ignorant religionist-contortionist podcasts out there is Evidence 4 Faith.

The hosts of Evidence 4 Faith have gleefully flung themselves into the unenviable losing position of presenting what they claim to be modern scientific evidence for Christianity.  In the process, they epitomize the smug idiocy of blind faith.  They are walking, talking caricatures of modern American conservative Christianity, so self-righteous in their ignorance that I challenge anyone reading this to present a better example.

Take, for example, their recent episode on “Cognitive Dissonance.”

The irony is nearly as thick as the hosts skulls here, ladies and gentlemen.  Take, for example, Dr. Michael Lurakis.  Without even a hint of irony, the man proudly crows his position as an evolution denying medical doctor! I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

Cognitive dissonance indeed!  Dr. Lurakis is a medical doctor who denies the veracity of the theory that underlies virtually every successful advance his profession has ever acheived!

After listening to one of his signature misrepresentations of Evolutionary Theory, one could be forgiven from hypothesizing that the strain of simultaneously maintaining two such diametrically opposed worldviews simultaneously has not already resulted in permanent brain damage.

The second host, a male nurse named Kieth Hastings is really not worth critiquing.  One can practically feel Dr. Lurakis wincing as Mr. Hastings spouts one obsequious non sequitur after another.   Hastings’s sub-elementary school understanding of all fields of science is really too pathetic to mention beyond this brief paragraph.

It is deeply reassuring to those of us in the reality-based community that these two jokers represent the enlightenment attainable to the christian “scientist.”  As long as their unintentional parody remains on the air, ignorance will self-select and ensure that only the dregs of their home-school choir will take them seriously.

Thank ghawd for His legions of idiots!


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